Professionals who have committed their beliefs and their careers to helping others BELONG HERE! From saving lives to building and growing charities that bring true support to others.
Medical and Wellness professionals are welcome to be part of CARE FIVERS GROUP because of the effect they have on people's well-beings. To HEAL someone and to dedicate your purspuits for the betterment of others is is a special purpose and a tremendous life's work.
Individuals who BUILD entities, practices, establish services, products or make resources for others to benefit from are also CAREGIVERS. in a society where we need places to belong and elements to identify with, the BUIDER creates ideal spaces and places for us all to grow in.
To SHARE is the ultimate gift of life and nature. Having the power to extend of oneself to others is a blessing that can only bring us all a better world. As gifts are all around us, bringing them to those who need contribute to a balanced existence and a powerful coexistence.
We define our group based on the members that we seek to invite. To be a caregiver is a special individual whose society and community is based on fellow care givers. As such, if you belong under one of the categories below, please let us know. If you do not see your category and believe that your profession qualifies as a care giver, let us know that too!
Accredited Medical & Health Professionals This includes: physicians, dentists, pain managers, veteriniarians who have undergone formal education and have been accredited.
Wellness Professionals & Wellness Resource Dist. Certified nutritionists and dietitians, Health and Wellness producers
Wellness Writers/ Teachers Communicators on pen, digital or face-to-face coaches of health and wellness, personal trainers of physical fitness or personal advancement
Writers/ Communicators This includes anyone who researches and shares vital information to help others' personal and physical well beings.
Environmentalists This includes anyone who works in a setting that brings positive contribution to healing our world- from writers, lobbyists, environmental clean-up to recycling systems and products & services promoting sustainable (GREEN) technology
Rescue professionals Firemen, EMT, Police and Military- anyone whose professional position is to save others' lives



LET'S CONNECT! We aspire to build a solid community of like-minded individuals whose professional goals are about helping others live better lives. This one-of-a-kind private group provides a platform for professionals from the fields of: education, health and wellness, non-profit fundraising and charities, child care, eldercare, pet care, environmental/ sustainable living, anti-aging, fitness and other areas that fulfills a better existence for all individuals. This network is exclusive to the Long Island region for localized communication and connections. By creating this unique social network, we hope to unite leadership, ideas, resources, awareness efforts and public programs starting from leaders of the care-giving community. From the united alliance that we create, we aspire to have a public voice to make an even more viable difference in the world around us.

Iif you are interested in becoming a member of the All-Island Care Givers Group or the Care Givers Alliance, contact GRACE DELLAVALLE (Coordinator) at LICAREGIVERSGROUP@GMAIL.COM or 516-620-3535

The best way to connect with anyone is still FACE-TO-FACE for positive relationship building. Explore and engage into strong bonds that could last a lifetime. As of July 18, 2015, The ALL ISLAND CARE GIVERS GROUP officially breaks out of the digital realm of LinkedIn to form a physical alliance of professionals to promote true collaboration, resource sharing & referral exchange. This unique and private group provides a special opportunity for professionals from the fields of: health & wellness, anti-aging, nutrition & fitness, non-profit charities, education, eldercare, pet care, environmental & sustainable living and other specialties that fulfill a better existence for all individuals. Though in its infancy, this network is exclusive to the Long Island region but the CARE GIVING organization is designed to build future groups in other regions of the downstate New York area.
A HEART OF PURE GOLD! Meet one of our proudest members, Dr. Lynda Loudon-Sheppard, medical director of the Animal Emergency Services (in Selden, NY) and founder/president of HEALING HAVEN ANIMAL FUND. As a 12-year professional veterinarian, she has witnessed animals lose their lives due to lack of affordability for medical care. Her non-profit organization provides financial assistance to those who need urgent medical care for their pets. This fund also covers homeless animals (without guardians). For more info or to donate, visit her website:
The LI Caregivers Group is committed to joining fellow members to help grow your respected practices and businesses. Joining hands is what we do best where the ultimate goal is to get people to help one another and get out of the digital realm to meet, greet and grow through personal connections. See below for expanded details:
Once we have reviewed your bio and/or have undergone a short phone screening and you are accepted as a member by the board, we welcome you to the DIGITAL Linlkedin Group where you can post an introduction. You can also post educational articles in our board to share your wealth of knowledge about your practice or study with fellow members. (articles are screened and moderated)

You can also connect with each Linkedin member through their bios. Let them know you are a fellow member as an ICEBREAKER. Don't be shy. You'll soon find that you have much in common with other caregivers and they are just as excited about networking and connecting as you are! Just remember, it's about making relationships.

We are always seeking to build synergistic relationships for our members... and we are quite good at it!!! Randomly, our CareGiver connectors are combing our member list and will send an email to like-minded members (with their photo, bio summary, pertinent links and exciting info about each other). Matchups start with phone conversations that can lead to office visiting and/or private lunches. If you want to be part of our "Match-up" list, contact us or just check your mail periodically-- you may be matched!

This is an exciting way to meet a healthy group of synergistic professional members. A round-table lunch has been established since King Arthur's court (yes we stole the idea) and builds an exciting alliance with one or more or all invitees. Here, you get to meet, greet and present who you are, what you do- all at the privacy of a mini-group of 5-7 members over a lovely meal.

Each season, we put together a big meet & greet dinner at a local restaurant or hall. This is an opportunity for all digital members to come out of the web world and meet caregivers in humanoid form. There's no better way to connect than on a personal level and we want caregivers to get the feel for the whole community at large. All members will be informed of the next Big Mixer Dinner.
If you have any ideas or thoughts about starting a mini-mixer or need help being introduced by one of our coordinators, just ask by emailing LICAREGIVERSGROUP@GMAIL.COM or by calling 516-620-3535.

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